The process is not yet open to the public. Please await onboarding instructions from our official Twitter handle

Start a Performer

To start up a Performer node, please download Skate Performer software. Then run the Docker image with the following options:

  • Aggregator RPC endpoint: the JSON RPC server endpoint of a known aggregator, Skate will maintain a live aggregator at

  • Config: specify the process runtime environment, i.e. wallet config, source chains of interest to process, Skate RPC, log format/output, custom signing strategy, etc.

Metrics server

A metrics server will be spawning on, can be customized base on the input config. Node operators has to set up their own metrics analytics service, e.g. Grafana. Skate provides instructions and a default configuration for Grafana server.

Task execution status

Execution status of all performers collected tasks can be queried from

Hardware requirements

Memory8 GiB
Storage256 GB
AWS EC2 Equivalentm5.large
Download Bandwidth20 MBps
Upload Bandwidth20 MBps