This document is intended for EigenLayer Operator and requires understanding of EigenLayer AVS

Additionally, a general understanding of Skate architecture is assumed.


Skate Preconfirmation AVS utilizes EigenLayer restaked assets to ensure the economic security of all cross-chain actions. The AVS is responsible for verifying AVS tasks, which are bundled calldata and necessary information for Skate executors to settle cross-chain transactions. The AVS verified data output is then signed by the [Skate relayer(/main/architecture/execution-network)] before it is ready to be executed. In other words, Skate AVS pre-confirms data, hence the name Preconfirmation AVS.


Please refer to the Skate Preconfirmation AVS for a detailed discussion of Skate AVS design.

Source code

Skate uses Othentic’s stack, therefore the contracts source code is managed by Othentic.

Currently, Othentic smart contracts is not open to the public. However, general architecture and attestation process can be found in their docs

For off-chain components, we are working on the process to onboard operators. The service code and images will be published in Skate Github repo

Published images are from our old AVS version. A new version along with updated onboarding docs will be published soon.

Rewards structure

We are working on finalizing the rewards structure. Detailed will be discussed once our PoC for public go live.

Operator requirements

All Skate AVS operators must be a registered EigenLayer Operator. In addition, the operator need to register to Skate AVS contracts.

The hardware requirements will be dependent on the role of operator. Refers to operator roles section for further details