Other Use Cases

Skate Network unlocks significant potential by allowing for assets to flow between any network with near-instant finality, with a wide variety of use cases for industries including GameFi, SocialFi, and new DeFi primitives such as CYTs on Pendle.


There is currently a wide range of fragmented gaming ecosystems, such as games building on Solana (non-EVM), Arbitrum (EVM), or custom-purpose gaming networks (e.g. Flow).

Skate unifies assets and data between ecosystems to improve Web3 gaming, including: significantly

  • New Gaming Experiences: Assets from one ecosystem (e.g. EVM's Axie Infinity) can be used in other ecosystems (e.g. Solana's Star Atlas).

  • Lending: Items could be lent out cross-chain for yield.

  • Cross-chain games & betting: Cross-chain battles and wagers.

Given that it’s so simple for a project to launch using Skate and immediately benefit, we plan


Users can access SocialFi platforms in any ecosystem while remaining on their favorite network. interacting with others seamlessly by paying an extra fee to the solver.

Examples of this could include:

  • Fee Payment: Pay any subscription fee using any network and token (instant swaps can be integrated).

  • DID Integration: One could use SocialFi on Solana, with their Lens Protocol ID from Polygon, and other on-chain credentials from any other network.

Cross-chain reputation: One's score, points, historical posts, and more could all be shared across networks. For example, if a new custom-purpose L3 were launched in the EVM, any non-EVM ecosystem could have all relevant flow there instantly.

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