Case Study: NFTFi


NFTFi is a rapidly growing sector where users can use their NFTs in various financial activities, including:

  • NFT Lending and Borrowing: Platforms allow users to borrow cryptocurrencies or stablecoins using their NFTs as collateral. This can provide liquidity to NFT holders without having to sell their assets.

  • Fractional Ownership: NFTFi platforms enable the fractionalization of NFTs, allowing multiple investors to own a portion of a single high-value NFT. This democratizes access to expensive NFTs and diversifies investment opportunities.

  • NFT Derivatives: Futures and options contracts based on NFTs, allowing for leverage and hedging strategies.

Other examples include staking, index funds, marketplaces, and insurance for NFTs.


Skate brings NFTFi to 1,000+ networks.

An example of this could include using one's Solana-based NFT as collateral for a loan on any other connected network, such as an EVM-based network (e.g. Ethereum or Arbitrum) or a MoveVM-based network (e.g. Sui or Aptos). Alternatively, NFT derivatives could have their liquidity consolidated, with it possible to open positions on an NFT collection from any given chain.

Key features include:

  1. Easy integration with any new network (EVM, SVM, MoveVM, etc).

  2. Unified liquidity across all participating networks.

  3. Near-instant finality leveraging EigenLayer for security.

  4. No bridging risks using our intents-based architecture.

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