General questions

What is Skate?

Skate is the universal application layer that empowers apps to run on 1000s of chains with one state. Skate monitors each network’s state, and when a user wishes to engage in a cross-chain action of some sort, they sign as “intent”. These intents are monitored by Executors, who execute them in real-time.

For example, if a user wished to transfer $10,000 cross-chain, an Executor could source liquidity from all available networks to facilitate the trade, in effect unifying liquidity.

This relies upon a hub-and-spoke architecture and leverages EigenLayer for fast finality. It also means that any network can easily integrate, as Skate must simply monitor their state to then connect them to the entire network.

What is the Skate Fast Finality AVS?

Skate Fast Finality Actively Validated Service (AVS) is an AVS that taps into the underlying security of EigenLayer to power all applications operating on Skate.

As it can be costly (and less secure) to bootstrap one’s own security, an AVS can instead rely upon EigenLayer which has billions of restaked ETH available as security. EigenLayer validators can use their restaked ETH as collateral to validate for Skate, with slashing in the event of an attack or mishap.

How is Skate different from other chains?

Skate promotes true interoperability by providing a network that connects to 1000s of chains and introducing applications that have a Universal Application Scope which only introduces a single state across all chains. True interoperability can only be achieved with interoperability supported both on a network and application level.

There are a few other projects that also provide solutions aimed at solving application liquidity, taking approaches such as cross-chain smart contracts. However, each project has a downside. For example, having them integrate with non-EVM networks can be challenging (or impossible), and requires developers to deploy using their smart contracts (rather than a fast and simple integration).

More news will be released soon. In the meanwhile, you can join the Skate Community on Twitter, Telegram for the latest announcements!

When is Skate's mainnet launch?

More news will be released soon. In the meantime, you can join the Skate Community on Twitter, Telegram for the latest announcements!

Is Skate the coolest execution layer?

Yes, we are.

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